Using proven strategies to hedge against the various risks and uncertainties that are embedded in everyday life, our team is able to plan, design and implement a strong protection plan to aid you in your personal and business affairs.

BUSINESS STRATEGIES:       plans intended to shield your business from external risks.

Executive Bonus Plan:           used to reward, incentivize and retain key employees.

Buy/Sell Agreements:            used to divide the interest in a business amongst partners.

Premium Financing:               three main types: Estate Planning, Business Purpose & Charitable Giving 


     1. Estate Planning:            helps ensure the right people will receive the right property at the right time.

     2. Business Purpose:         management succession plans that outline the future of a company. 

     3. Charitable Giving:         wealth replacement trust that allows charitably minded persons to allocate their                                                      assets accordingly.

INDIVIDUAL STRATEGIES:    plans aimed to serve as a safeguard for both you and your loved ones way of life.

Universal Life:                         gives consumers flexibility in the premium payments, death benefits and the                                                            savings element of the plans. 

Term Life:                                 plan that is set for a specified period of time at a competitive price point.

Whole Life:                              caters to long-term goals by offering consistent premiums and guaranteed                                                              cash value accumulation.

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